Audio/Video | Fetzer Center


Our professional and technologically equipped facility will meet your audio, video and computing needs. Utilize our online form to quickly and easily submit your request. A list of available equipment and technical support is below.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Audio/Visual Request Form

Available Equipment


35mm Slide (wireless remote and screen)

Document Camera (with screen)

Screen Only

Overflow Feed
from the Kirsch auditorium to the Putney lecture hall. $100
Allows for overflow seating accommodations when needed.


LCD 32” TV and DVD/Blu-Ray Player

Video Projector
HDMI capable with sound. (includes connection cords, remote and screen)

Screen Only

The Fetzer Center does not provide special cords and connections from the clients laptop to our projector.


Included in the room rate for the banquet hall, auditorium and lecture hall:

  • One lectern microphone
  • One handheld microphone
  • One lavalier microphone

Additional microphones in the auditorium
$10 each

Additional microphones in other rooms
$20 each

Pandora music service for background music

Portable Sound System


10 cents each

Dance Floor (24’ x 30’)

Dedicated A/V Assistance


Extension Cord

Faxes n/c to send
10 cents to receive

Flip Chart (3M)
(with pad and markers)
$30 • included in Day Rate

Laptop Computer
(includes connection cords and is HDMI compatible)

Laser Pointer

Grand $45
Upright Piano $25

Power Strip

Remote PowerPoint Advancer

Speaker Phone

Full (24’ x 30’)
$25 per piece
(includes stairs)

Whiteboard (with markers)

Wireless Mouse