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Carving stations | Beverage stations

Coffee, decaf, hot water with assorted teas and soft drinks

$3.50 per person

Soft drinks and bottled water

Based on consumption
$2 each

Late-night coffee station

Regular and decaf coffee along with assorted teas available for your guests to enjoy late in the evening.
$3 per person

Premium coffee station

Upgrade your coffee station with regular or decaf coffee and assorted teas, including flavored syrups, whipped cream, cinnamon, biscuit style cookies, and biscotti.
$4 per person

By the Gallon Options

Coffee, decaf and hot water with assorted teas

$26 per gallon

Lemonade and Iced Tea

$22 per gallon

21% service charge and 6% sales tax will be added to all prices. Off-site catering will have 22% service charge and 6% sales tax applied.